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About 20/20 Chiropractic

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About 20/20 Chiropractic

Getting your spine checked for Vertebral Subluxation is an important part of maintaining optimal health throughtout your life. What is a Subluxation, you may ask? It is a slight misalignment of the spine that puts direct pressure and causes irritation to the spinal cord and spinal nerves that send the messages of life throughout the body.  Essentially, that misalignment is your Life Channels being shut down.  Your healing, your repair, your metabolism all travels through these life channels which can get shut down due to everyday physical, emotional, and chemical stress. Theses stresses are factors in all of our lives and shut down life channels in newborns through centenarians.  So the major premise and understanding of Chiropractic here in this office is that you are more YOU when your life channels are open and you have your best chance to function full of LIFE when they STAY OPEN.  It is for this reason that spinal check-ups are for the whole family and they should be done OFTEN!

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